Weight Loss

How can a food coach help me?

A food coach is someone who will help you address underlying issues with your relationship to food. It is a fresh way of looking at food and the link to the person, their community and the environment. We help you define goals and help you to figure out the best way to meet those goals.

Our approach to weight loss is simple:

- Whole food approach

- Fitness made simple

- Stress management techniques

Call 703-407-2070 today to get started! Our food coaches will give you helpful weight loss tips regarding healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle for yourself or your family.

You can find fresh new content featuring latest weight loss products and effective weight loss tips on our healthy eating blog.

Frequently Asked Questions about Weight Loss

Weight loss is a common issue and as you become more health conscious, you will find new weight loss products that will compete for your attention. We will help you find which products are effective and which are not so you don’t have to waste your time and money on gimmicks.

Does Capital Food Coaching give diet advice?

Absolutely not! Although we’re certified nutritionists, our sole purpose is to get you to enjoy eating again – the health benefits of doing so come naturally.

You can try our 30-day weight loss plan called “Food Hell” for effective results. The “Food Hell” eBook walks you through an easy plan that is easy to follow. It promotes healthy eating and gives you insider techniques to prepare healthy, nutritious foods in very little time which will in turn help you lose belly fat.

What supplements do you recommend?

None; you should seek the advice of your doctor if you are interested in supplementation.

Do you work with special populations?

Of course we do. Again, we do not offer diet advice and do not proclaim to cure illness or reverse medical conditions.

I need to lose weight. Should I seek the advice of a nutritionist or food coach?

It depends on your goals. If you want diet advice, a nutritionist would probably be your best choice. If you love food and have been unsuccessful with dieting, a food coach would be your best bet.

If you have been looking for weight loss tips, you have come to the right place. At capitalfoodcoaching.com, you will find a number of useful easy at home weight loss tips and weight loss management programs tips. Our weight loss programs are easy to incorporate in your daily schedule and they do not demand strenuous workouts. We just believe in a healthy way of living as it is the natural way of managing weight.

How does your personal chef services work?

Our personal chef works in tandem with a food coach to get busy families to eat real food, not fast, packaged, or processed food. Our chef designs menus, shops for the freshest ingredients, and prepares meals the entire family will enjoy.

We understand the misery that you are going through. You are tired of trying different weight loss management program tips but to no avail. Either they aren’t feasible enough to follow or are ineffective at all. CapitalFoodCoaching.com is your ultimate resource for solutions to all of your weight loss problems.

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